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How Limited Scope Attorney Representation Works

We’re committed to providing you with the best in-court Limited Scope Family Law Attorney representation according to your circumstances. We approach every client with a desire to meet their particular needs promoting strong advocacy and understanding in your Family Law matter.

We fight for you under the most difficult conditions especially when you seem to be getting nowhere in your matter. You can finally have a voice the courtroom without fear that your position isn't being competently conveyed to the court.


Child Custody Attorney

Protection of the Minors.

Our approach is that the children should always come first. We'll seek Divorce/Paternity orders that starts there. 

Health and Well-Being

We as Limited Scope Family Law Lawyers focus on emotional impact that a Divorce or Paternity proceeding may have on your children.

Child Support/ Spousal Support Attorney

Child Support

If your Child Support issue is not appropriately argued to the court, you may be cheating yourself or cheating your child out of that which is necessary to justifiably and reasonably meet the costs and expenses that come with caring for your children. There are times when it just makes sense to have a competent Family Law Attorney to argue your case in a way that the court is used to hearing. When your children interests are at stake, it may be best to not gamble in representing yourself.  Let us work for you and your children. 


Obtaining Temporary/Permanent Restraining Orders

Representing yourself in a Restraining Order matter is extremely stressful. Let us assist you in presenting your case in a matter that protects your interests and your well-being.


Domestic Violence Restraining Order Attorney

You've got your court papers. You need help. No worries . . .


Now you can finally and affordably have your own attorney to represent you in Court in your Family Law Divorce or Paternity case.

Because the Family Law court understands the anxiety and extreme difficulties in presenting your case by yourself without a legal background, it authorizes you to be represented on a Limited Scope basis by a lawyer. The Family Court is one of the only courts that allows you to hire an attorney on a Limited Scope basis to argue whatever issues you find more than your experience or comfort dictates.

The benefits Family Law Limited Scope Representation are many. You'll now have an attorney who understands the legal procedure in the presentation of evidence; examination and cross-examination of witnesses; establishing and enforcing child support and spousal support; and the process of trial. Even President Abraham Lincoln believed that it may be foolish to represent yourself in court.


About Our Family Law 
Attorney Representation

Spousal Support Attorney


Spousal Support

Spousal support requires a specific argument before the court. Our lawyers know the law and the facts necessary to meet the requirements of law to get the Spousal Support that you need.

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